The X-Polli:Nation Project


The X-Polli:Nation project (pronounced 'Cross-pollination') aims to get our communities buzzing. This citizen science project inspires action for pollinators through the cross-pollination of knowledge.

Together, we will support:

  • Practice: Web-based training and conservation technologies will be adapted for a wider range of species and new audiences in the UK and Italy
  • People: Resouces will be developed for students and teachers to build the knowledge and skills required to collect data, enhance habitats and gain the confidence to become passionate pollinator stewards in their local communities
  • Pollinators: A range of pollinating insects will be recorded and protected through citizen scientists collecting high-quality data and creating new habitats for vital species


Who can take part

The resources and work programme is designed for registered schools in Hampshire and Tuscany in Italy, however, we warmly welcome everyone to get involved in the activities.

Follow us on social media and post pictures of your  X-Polli:Nation adventures using #XPolli

How to take part 

X-Polli:Nation activities are coming soon but, in the meantime, you can explore current resources that will be used for each element of the project:

  1. Learn about pollinators: Find why pollinators are important and learn how to identify them. Check out the current Bumblebee training tool on BeeWatch. A tool for butterflies and educational resources will be launched soon.
  2. Record pollinators: Put your scientist hat on and get involved in the Polli:Nation Survey on the OPAL website to monitor what is in your local outdoor space. Coming soon will be a new simplified version which records interactions between habitats and their pollinators in English and Italian.
  3. Create habitat for pollinators: Get tips on which plants are good for specific species of Bumblebees with the BeeWatch Planting for Pollinators tool or for a range of pollinators, the OPAL habitat guide. You could also purchase seeds and plant a pot or wildflower meadow- our friends at Seedball are generously sponsoring the project and you will find some seed mixes to get you started. Look out for the launch of our planting recommendations for butterflies and guidance for creating a pollinator paradise in your local patch.
  4. Spread the word: Make a pledge to plant a 1m2 patch and reach out to your local community to let them know how they can support bees and butterflies in your area by visiting the Polli:Promise page.  Share your magnificent meadows and productive pots on social media using #XPolli. Coming soon will be hints and tips on how to campaign for pollinators.


With thanks to...

The National Geographic Society have generously funded X-Polli:Nation which is a partnership project between the following organisations:

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