Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) at the University of York has been involved in the OPAL project since 2007 and leads our engagement work in Yorkshire and the Humber.

About SEI

SEI is an international research organisation working in the areas of development and the environment. One of our centres is based in the Environment Department at the University of York, a world-leading university with expertise in many different areas, including environmental research.


SEI's focus within Yorkshire and Humberside is to work with communities to explore wildlife in their local brownfield sites and investigate the influence of the previous industrial use of such sites on their current ecological value. Our engagement activities focus on two areas:

  • working with teachers to deliver outdoor learning, building on the education packs created in the first phase of OPAL, and supporting people to record wildlife in school grounds
  • working with communities around brownfield sites to help
    them explore the sites, with the aim of collaboratively producing
    identification resources for sites.